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Consultation on energy: wind and hydroelectricity, it's up to us to think about it!

Travaux d'excavation effectués à la centrale La Romaine

Consultations on energy are fast approaching in Quebec. It’s time to inform ourselves about the environmental and economic issues that concern us! Hydro-Québec is seeking to increase its rates while it is engaged in producing new surplus electricity.

While wind power is accused, a moratorium on the construction of dams is necessary. The bill for purchasing hydroelectricity for projects like Val-Jalbert will also be paid by taxpayers.

“The Romaine River hydroelectric project must be put on hold. » – Real Reid, engineer and administrator at Fondation Rivières, in the Huffington Post

“Quebecers should pay more attention to the structural deviations where this leads them if they are concerned about the relevance of investment decisions in the electricity sector. » – Bernard Saulnier, engineer, in an open letter, The duty

Consult the Commission's calendar on energy issues to participate in your region. We invite you to submit your brief, which can be a simple one-page text presenting your opinion on energy in Quebec.

Photo: Excavation work at the La Romaine hydroelectric power station, by Pomerleau


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