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Roy Dupuis

Co-founder of Fondation Rivières

Photo credit: Rapide-Blanc

"There are so many reasons to act today. To get involved. If only to be alive. To live." 

Word from Roy Dupuis

The water that flows, turbulent or quiet, belongs to no one: it is available to all. It is a common good so precious that it calls for our respect and our commitment to its protection.

In the current environmental context, rivers are increasingly threatened, particularly by the multiplication of hydroelectric power plants, by projects destroying the banks and by numerous polluting discharges. I believe that as a community, we must act and take action in the direction of sustainable development.

In order to encourage citizen involvement, the Foundation's primary goal is to bring together, support and guide those who are concerned about the fate of rivers, i.e. citizen committees, local organizations, recreational and tourism organizations, school groups and First Nations committees.

As an unconditional lover of water and its wild beauty, I am committed to doing my best to raise awareness in order to protect the rivers of Quebec.

I am asking for your support to continue this collective effort and am inviting you to participate in the protection of the environment by endorsing the Foundation.

May this approach touch your collective conscience for the beauty of rivers!

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Roy Dupuis, co-founder of Fondation Rivières

Roy Dupuis - La Fondation

Roy Dupuis' commitment to Quebec's rivers

Roy Dupuis and the Fondation Rivières

Roy Dupuis explains to us why he likes the Fondation Rivières. He tells us about the beginnings of the organization, which for 20 years has taken concrete actions to protect our greatest wealth: the rivers and waterways of Quebec. 

Discover the rivers for which Fondation Rivières acts positively. 

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