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The Fondation Rivières's Board of Directors comes from a variety of backgrounds. Their commitment, expertise and diversity of skills are remarkable. View their profiles and learn more about their professional backgrounds.

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A word from our co-founders, Roy Dupuis and Alain Saladzius

"To give a voice to rivers and those who love them, the Fondation Rivières identifies what threatens them, supports citizens who advocate for them, and implements the means for their preservation. We work together so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of our beautiful rivers."
Alain Saladzius président et cofondateur de la Fondation Rivières Source : ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
Alain Saladzius,
Co-founder, President
"The Fondation Rivières has been working since 2002 to protect our rivers, one of our greatest assets. Thanks to a team of volunteers and several committed artists, we have over the years brought to light several issues that affect our rivers.

Ecosystems are weakened, even destroyed, by pollution from wastewater or agricultural discharges. Hydroelectric dam projects. Lack of access and safe swimming areas. Filling and construction in flood-prone areas or wetlands.

More than ever, it is time for the Fondation Rivières to sound the alarm, but above all it is essential to join forces to send a clear message to the leaders in order to demand the implementation of a sustainable management of the waterways. To ensure their quality. For our health and that of biodiversity, but also to make access possible for all.

For me, being a member of the Fondation Rivières means taking concrete action. As a member or donor of the Fondation Rivières, you become a direct supporter to help us continue. Together, we make a real difference."
Roy Dupuis
Actor, Co-founder and spokesperson of the Fondation Rivières

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