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AuditEAU - wastewater management software

AuditEAU - logiciel d'aide à la gestion des eaux usées

AuditEAU paves the way for improved municipal wastewater management in Quebec

AuditEAU is a powerful new application developed by the Fondation Rivières. It makes full use of the millions of data collected by the Ministère de l'Environnement's (MELCCFP) computerized data from Suivi des ouvrages municipaux d'assainissement des eaux usées (SOMAEU) system since 2017.


What problem does AuditEAU tackle?

There are more than 800 wastewater treatment plants and more than 4,600 overflow facilities that have operated in Quebec since 2017. Each of these facilities accumulates hundreds of public data each year. The MELCCFP makes this data available, but its interpretation is complex and not very user-friendly. AuditEAU transforms this raw data into a wealth of information that can be easily used by anyone interested in water quality.


Who is AuditEAU designed for?

  • Environmental and consultation organizations (OBV, ZIP, citizen committees, etc.)
  • Public decision-makers (municipalities, MRCs, provincial and federal departments)
  • Consulting engineering, environmental and academic firms
  • Any other organization or individual involved or impacted by municipal wastewater management


What is AuditEAU for?

AuditEAU allows you to easily consult, categorize, visualize, compare and organize a multitude of operating data for all wastewater facilities in Quebec. Regardless of your level of expertise and your concerns, AuditEAU can answer your questions, serve as a decision-making tool and present you with a new perspective on the performance of the wastewater facilities that interest you.

AuditEAU allows you to : 

Interested in AuditEAU?

A member of our team can guide you through the AuditEAU data.

What AuditEAU can do

1. Detailed historical and dynamic portrait of the behaviour of the facilities

AuditEAU is a dynamic tool that allows to process and aggregate all the information available in the SOMAEU system: design data, performance results such as flows, operating parameters, overflows, etc.
In a few clicks, obtain monitoring data at the desired spatial and temporal scale. The selection of elements of interest makes the analysis even more interactive.

historique-detaille-et-dynamique-des-installations - auditeau
AuditEAU presents several tables displaying a wealth of monitoring information for both treatment plants and overflow facilities. These dynamic tables allow the information to be broken down by year, month and day.

2. Observe the evolution of the performance of each overflow structure

The evolution of the performance of municipal wastewater facilities must be well known if they are to be properly managed. In this respect, AuditEAU provides accurate values that allow you to follow the effectiveness of your interventions on treatment systems or sewer networks. AuditEAU's graphical representations also allow you to identify recurring problems and trends that would be difficult to capture with data limited to columns of numbers, thus promoting informed decision-making.

AuditEAU - Observer l’évolution des performances de chaque ouvrage
AuditEAU presents several tables displaying a wealth of monitoring information for both treatment plants and overflow facilities. These dynamic tables allow the information to be broken down by year, month and day.
evolution-des-performances-sous-formes-graphiques-b - AuditEAU
Graph showing the overflow intensity of overflow structures on a sewer system. The intensity is a value that takes into account the overflow times and the capacity of the structures. A notable improvement can be seen in 2020, particularly following the almost complete elimination of overflows at the treatment plant inlet and a reduction in the intensity of overflows at structure D-3. Note that residential gutter disconnections were completed in 2019.

3. View performance by treatment type

Quickly obtain a realistic assessment of the treatment performance that can be expected for both an existing and a new wastewater treatment plant*.

AuditEAU allows you to consult the treatment performance by month and year for systems configured according to your specifications, based on influent and effluent monitoring parameters. Type of treatment, presence/absence of specific equipment, flow rates and design loads: these are some of the main modifiable variables.

* To know

AuditEAU allows the processing of actual wastewater system performance data to identify the most relevant avenues upstream of the design activities. AuditEAU does not replace proper design calculations, which must be performed by a qualified engineer.

performances-de-traitement-attendues-a-partir-de-resultats-reels - auditeau
Distribution of average monthly values of a parameter (here fecal coliform) for a configured set (here 164 aerated ponds with 4 cells, averaged from 2017 to 2020).

4. Compare the performances of structures to similar ones in Quebec

AuditEAU allows you to visually compare the actual treatment performance of one or more wastewater treatment plants with other similar plants, wherever they are in Quebec and according to all relevant treatment variables. The visuals and tables clearly show the performance of a treatment on a historical basis. They help put the magnitude of a problem into perspective and identify possible solutions.

comparer-les-performances-d-ouvrages-aux-autres - auditeau
Biological oxygen demand removal performance for a selected treatment plant (thinner, darker histogram bars) compared to a set, which presents the physical-chemical plants in Quebec (wider, lighter histogram bars). The 25 mg/L discharge standard is represented by the red dotted line.

5. Identify priorities for intervention on a large scale

AuditEAU can be used to classify the performance of wastewater treatment plants on the scale of watersheds, rivers, MRCs, administrative regions or for the whole of Quebec. It is then possible to easily identify the treatment plants facing treatment issues and to prioritize interventions.

Ranking of municipalities according to suspended solids (SS) removal performance for stations located in the Laurentian region

6. Simplify complex information to communicate to stakeholders

Access reports that are tailored to your needs and are freely available for review. You'll have the perfect tool to easily communicate otherwise complex information to stakeholders involved in your wastewater management projects.

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