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Donation FAQs

Got a question?

Have you made or wish to make a donation to Fondation Rivières? Our donation FAQ below answers questions frequently asked by our donors. 

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please fill out the form on the page contact us and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Frequently asked questions from our donors

Yes! You must have access to your financial institution's online banking services either on your cell phone, computer or tablet.

Steps to follow :

  1. From the Transfer or Payment menu of your online banking services, select the Interac Transfer option.
  2. Enter the following information: Name of recipient: Fondation Rivières Email address: The amount to transfer and the account to debit.
    Enter a security question for us to answer. Please enter “Question”: Rivière de la Côte-Nord. And to “Answer”: Magpie. Finally, follow the instructions to send the transfer. Reason: Fondation Rivières donation or donation via Adopt a River with the name of the river you wish to adopt.
    The Fondation Rivières will receive a notice of transfer by e-mail.

Yes! The Fondation Rivières is a charity since April 2022. A receipt will be sent to you at the beginning of the year following that of your donation, regardless of the amount of the donation or the payment method used.

Organization Registration Number: 14505 9911 RR0002

If you make a one-time donation via one of our forms, you will have the option to receive a charitable receipt upon completion of the transaction. In all cases, the Foundation sends a cumulative receipt of all charitable receipts at the beginning of the year following that of your donation (e.g. if you made your donation in May 2023, a charitable receipt will be given to you in January 2024).

If you make a recurring donation, you will have the option of receiving a cumulative receipt for all of your donations at the beginning of the year following the year of your donation.

If you have not selected the option to receive the receipt at the end of the donation form and would like to receive it, contact us and we will send the receipt to the email address used for the donation.

Namely, our system requires a valid mailing address to be able to issue a charitable receipt. If you did not provide an address when you completed the donation form or have moved in the meantime, please write to us via our form on the Contact Us page with your new information.

If you do not have or do not wish to use your credit card for a donation or membership, you can make an Interac transfer (see above), use PayPal or send a check to the following address: Fondation Rivières, 454 avenue Laurier Est, Montreal, QC, H2J 1E7

Consult other ways to give to contribute to the protection of rivers.

Write or call our philanthropic development advisor, Coralie Massey-Cantin, at 514-272-2666, ext. 305.

Les plateformes telles que Stripe ou Paypal, avec lesquelles nous travaillons pour traiter les dons, facturent des frais d’utilisation aux organisations. En acceptant de couvrir les frais de traitement, vous réduisez notre facture totale.

Facebook provides a payment receipt, but it is not tax deductible. Considering that Facebook does not send us the email addresses of donors, it is difficult for us to provide receipts to people who have donated via this platform.

If you donated on Facebook and would like a charitable receipt, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page indicating your postal address, the date and the amount of the donation.

Facebook (Meta) sends a payment receipt to an email address, but does not provide tax-deductible donation receipts for people who have contributed to a fundraiser on its platform. 

If you or one of the contributors to your collection would like a tax receipt, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page or call our philanthropic development advisor, Coralie Massey-Cantin, at 514-272-2666, ext. 305.

Information about charitable receipts and charities

Discover the rivers for which Fondation Rivières acts positively. 

For any questions regarding donations, please contact our philanthropic development advisor, Coralie Massey-Cantin at 514-272-2666, extension 305.

Make a difference for the environment

Become a member of the Foundation by donating. Your contribution allows our team to continue to mobilize to protect Quebec's rivers and waterways for future generations. 

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