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Hold! Could rivers be used for anything else?

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In any case, this is what a series of enlightening articles by Michel Corbeil in Le Soleil de Québec suggests on the Magpie River, Hydro-Québec's next megaproject. First, the rivers contain recreational tourism potential that we are only just beginning to touch on in Quebec. Rafting, festivals, so much creation of jobs and regional income in the long term. Quebec is one of the last wild river paradises where even international tourists like to come and take refuge. If, in Quebec, our ministers remain blinded by the roadblocks alone, in the regions citizens are organizing and structuring themselves.

Rivers, especially on the North Shore, Hydro-Québec's playground, feed the St. Lawrence River and its commercial fisheries. Several thousand jobs in Sept-Îles alone, which it would be wise to save.

And then, always useful, a fresh fish on your plate. Because, you see, a megawatt cannot be eaten!


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