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The surfing community mobilizes to create a wave in Lachine

surf grand montreal lachine

The panorama was spectacular: more than 200 surfers gathered with their boards near the new Lachine waterfront park on Wednesday, August 24. The objective? Express their wish that a “stationary” wave is created there and thus improve accessibility to the river. The association Surfing Greater Montreal, at the origin of the movement, notes a need to create new river waves considering the traffic of current practice locations and the tourist potential of Montreal to become a river surfing capital.

Members of the board of directors of Surf Grand Montréal with Vaja Vodanovic, mayor of Lachine, and Vicki Grondin, at the origin of the Réclame ta rive initiative. Credit: Daniel Rochon

Better access to water thanks to water quality

The mayor of the Lachine district, Maja Vodanovic, was present at the event. Ms. Vodanovic, who is also responsible for consultation with the districts and the water service, mentioned that it is thanks to the improvement in water quality that this sport is increasingly popular and safe. . OUR bathing potential map indicates that at least 90 % of the RSMA samples show good water quality for swimming in dry weather in this sector of Lachine.

Potential south of René-Lévesque Park

It is the south of René-Lévesque Park, which will be subject to redevelopment at the same time as the new Lachine riverside park, which is targeted by surfers. The president of the association, Mathieu Demers, believes that the technical conditions are met. The tip of the park has still not found its purpose, unlike the bay which will serve, among other things, as bathing area.

Rassemblement de surfeurs et surfeuses à Lachine
An atmosphere of solidarity reigned in the waters of the river in Lachine. Credit: Frédéric Thomas

“Every water sport in the bay needs different conditions (…) and surfers need a place that no one else uses [the rapids]. So, when we are going to renovate the tip of the park, it would be interesting to see if it would be possible to work to make it the best possible wave, upon presentation of an initial feasibility study. », explains Maja Vodanovic. 

The development of a feasibility study is part of the association's next steps to bring the project to fruition, the source of funding for which remains to be determined. Surf Grand Montréal works closely with Eau Vive Quebec and Kayak Without Borders (KSF), and listens to the Lachine district. All these stakeholders have the firm intention that the project comes to fruition while respecting the environment and other users (kayakers, swimmers, etc.). An environmental study will also have to be carried out if the feasibility study is conclusive.

This is a project that we will follow closely!


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