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Bill on the supervision of clean energies: nearly two hundred signatories from civil society unite and deliver a Manifesto for a fair and viable energy future

Manifeste pour un avenir énergétique juste-et-viable_foncé_14 revendications_énergies propres


Montreal, November 30, 2023 – With a view to the tabling of bills aimed at modernizing the energy sector, the Hydro-Québec Act and the Energy Board Act, planned in the coming weeks, around a hundred citizen groups, environmentalists, unions , community, as well as approximately ninety scientists, professionals, specialists and public figures from various backgrounds unite and present 14 demands to the government of Quebec in their Manifesto for a just and viable energy future.

The signatories denounce the lack of social dialogue, vision and planning in the energy sector. They insist on the disastrous consequences on the territory, on our capacity to provide affordable energy to the population and to electrify the economy that could result from the sale of terawatt hours (TWh) of “clean” and low-cost energy by the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy to attract energy-intensive foreign companies.

14 demands

The Manifesto calls for public energy under democratic control; to a debate on energy in Quebec (following the botched public consultations carried out in the summer of 2023); a new energy policy in Quebec; integrated resource planning; measures that promote the reduction of energy demands; binding plans aimed at a gradual and predictable, but rapid, exit from fossil fuels; to safeguard and strengthen the powers of the Energy Authority; to the protection of the territory; recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples and the consent of local populations; opposes the polluter-pays principle; opposes the total or partial privatization of Hydro-Québec; calls for a just transition for workers and to avoid an increase in electricity prices which would increase precariousness and risk slowing down the energy transition.

“Faced with the threats to our energy future, we are ready to intensify our mobilization to put more pressure on public office holders. We are determined to make our voices heard and demand a legislative framework that will be adapted to the current and future context. Together, we will work tirelessly to defend a viable future, based on coherent and democratic energy choices. » – Excerpt from the manifesto

For more quotes, check out press kit complete.

The manifesto is the result of several months of research, discussions and consultation efforts. It is available at

– 30 –

For more information or to obtain interviews with the signatories of the press release, please contact:

Melanie Busby
Responsible for community life
Common front for the energy transition
(514) 233-8941


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