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Let's start the decade off on the right foot, in the water!

Since everyone appreciates having access to quality water, both in their tap and in the natural environments they frequent, the Fondation Rivières has worked hard to prevent water pollution, preserve the natural appearance of rivers and promote their access public. As the year comes to an end, let's take a quick (non-exhaustive!) retrospective of the Foundation's activities in 2019.

The Fondation Rivières continued its performance studies of municipal sanitation works for the rivers Bécancour, Chateauguay, Richelieu, Assomption and Missisquoi Bay. These studies made it possible to identify several sanitation issues for which support is offered to municipalities and watershed organizations in order to resolve the problems.

The Fondation Rivières also sent, thanks to numerous citizen contributions, letters and complaints to the Ministry of the Environment when situations affecting the water quality or the integrity of riparian natural environments have been reported to it.

In order to promote access to water, the Foundation took charge of the 15e edition of Grand Splash with success! She also proposed to the Ministry of the Environment avenues of action for improving the Environment-Beach Program, which does not effectively inform the public about the risks of contamination of bathing water.

Despite these activities, the Fondation Rivières will have to work even harder over the next decade! And the more people there will be who become members of the Fondation Rivières and which will adopt rivers of Quebec, the more impact our actions will have! For the year 2020, make the resolution to invite two of your friends and family members to join the Fondation Rivières!

An adoption allows you to obtain a tax-deductible tax receipt, thus making our governments contribute to the Foundation's mission! This deduction is 35% on the first 200$, then 53% on the excess of this amount.

You can also contribute to our mission by purchasing, for yourself or as a gift under the tree, a magnificent bottle bearing the image of the Foundation or a copy of the book Under the river, the odyssey: To the rescue of the St. Lawrence by Nathalie Lasselin. These items can be mailed to you for shipping and handling charges. by contacting us. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Foundation team:


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