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Ozonation: Fondation Rivières welcomes the decision of the city of Montreal

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It is with relief that the Fondation Rivières learned that the wastewater ozonation plant which will be commissioned in Montreal starting in 2018 will therefore operate 12 months a year.

Last fall, the Foundation came out in favor of this option, after it was announced that the plant would operate 6 months a year, a decision which sparked widespread criticism. (See our communicated of December 2).

 The 6 months corresponded to government requirements to allow people to enjoy the river more in the summer. But the reality is that for the health of the river, you have to go there 12 months a year. We don't take any risks », indicated Mayor Denis Coderre.

The new plant and its ozonation process will reduce the presence of bacteria, viruses and hormones in wastewater discharged into the St. Lawrence River. So, according to The duty, the quantities of antidepressants and anticonvulsants will drop by 75 % with the new treatment. The system will also destroy antibiotics and hormones at more than 90 %. As for endocrine disruptors, they will decrease by 85 %.

Fondation Rivières would like today to congratulate Mayor Coderre and his team for their wise decision.

Photo: Samara Doole/Unsplash


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