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Our impact in 2023

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Our achievements and impacts of 2023

L’année 2023 a été mouvementée… aux antipodes d’un long fleuve tranquille, disons-le! Malgré les soubresauts, nous avons accompli tellement de choses. Retour sur notre impact et nos actions fortes de l’année.

Energy and hydroelectric dams

To prevent unjustified hydroelectric dam development projects…

We have been present at every key moment and have been the voice of the rivers during the numerous announcements from Hydro-Québec and the Quebec government, which want new dams. We told them we could do better. To frame the public debate around solutions advanced by experts, we have partnered with a multitude of groups from diverse backgrounds. Generic environmental public hearings office (BAPE) for a real social debate, moratorium, energy policy based on a sensible vision : we demanded what we deemed fair and viable for Quebec society and the environment. We have definitely laid the foundations for great mobilization for years to come!

Regulations, water protection

To contribute significantly to the application of existing regulations and the adoption of more restrictive laws and regulations regarding water protection…

We took advantage of the inauguration of the blue fund to correct the situation in terms of water protection with our ally Emergency Water : thanks to our two organizations, the 500M$ distributed in this fund are now accompanied by results indicators, which will make it possible to measure the impacts of investments in water protection in Quebec. Then, by participating in the meetings of the committee which advises the government on the measures to take to protect water, we ensured that access to water is now included in the 2024 financing measures!

André Bélanger de la Fondation Rivières et Rébecca Pétrin d'Eau Secours

For the coming year, we will do everything to ensure that the government's commitments translate into concrete results. We will continue to support cities and MRCs, to use our knowledge and to challenge the right people so that they take the right steps to resolve water issues.

Make a gesture for rivers full of life!

Access to water

To structure and mobilize a support network for the protection of rivers and access to banks…

We listened to citizen groups, amplified their voices and cooperated with municipalities with a view to developing access to swimming on their territory, in particular with the organization of the Grand Splash. More than 300 people took to the water this year! Above all, we supported and equipped the Citizen Association for the accessibility of Batiscan beach so that the municipality recognizes the public character of the coastline, which it is doing quietly but surely.

Our efforts with the municipalities do not stop there: we continued to detect sources of contamination in the Rivière du Nord so that access to water may eventually emerge. Result: the cities concerned are in communication and are now tackling the problems!

Plage de Batiscan, Crédit photo : Martin Grondin
Batiscan Beach, Photo credit: Martin Grondin

Taking stock of access to the banks in Quebec in collaboration with experts from academia, analyzing the best legislative solutions and bringing together the right people: this is what awaits us in 2024 to “unlock” the territory!

Innovation for water quality

To ensure that AuditEAU, our wastewater management software, contributes to monitoring the performance of sanitation works in Quebec…

We have developed a swimming potential map around Montreal and Laval as well as our ranking of sewage spills. We thus made water quality a current issue, presented solutions and encouraged elected officials to tackle municipal sanitation problems.

“There is a significant improvement [in our ranking] in 2022 compared to 2021, but it remains below our aspirations. To avoid overflows (…), in 2024, we will carry out work which will prevent future breakages. »

– Zakariae Anjab, Environment Manager, City of Port-Cartier The North Coast

Palmarès et carte des déversements d'eaux usées - Eaux usées déversées - Conduit d'égout - Kevin Andre_Unsplash

The list was mentioned nearly 70 times in the media, twice as many as last year! To curb indiscriminate spills (absence of measurement of spill durations), and thus obtain a real picture of the situation in order to better tackle the problem, we invited citizens to contact the Ministry of the Environment (MELCCFP) and their city or municipality which does not comply with article 9 of the Regulation respecting municipal wastewater treatment works (ROMAEU).

Sustainability and partnership

To work in partnership so that water issues are addressed in land use planning, climate change and biodiversity issues…

We have highlighted the interrelationships between these issues and those of water. We have built relationships with a multitude of relevant groups to better achieve our mission. In the wake of the 15th United Nations Conference on Biodiversity, we joined the COP15 Collective, bringing together 100+ civil society organizations. We worked with them to build requests on the control of invasive alien species (target 6) and public access to waterways (target 12). We believe that on these points, the global framework is ambitious, and is becoming a reference for our governments!

We also partnered with COVABAR OBV Richelieu | Saint-Laurent area to launch a major project aiming to develop a model of sustainable cohabitation on the Richelieu River, by bringing together key players in the region. The project will enhance the recreational tourism potential of Richelieu, by proposing water access facilities to allow everyone to access it while respecting natural environments. This pilot project could become a model for other regions of Quebec!

Dive into our 2023 impact report

So we may be small, but we have eyes. For the year to come, we will innovate, demand, weave and solidify our ties without escaping the status quo. We will criticize in a constructive and realistic way to resolve water issues.

We will be the catalysts for free, clean and accessible rivers. Rivers full of life!

2023 at a glance

Public consultations

We actively participated in various consultations to promote solutions ensuring water quality, access to watercourses and their preservation.


Our team is bigger and stronger than ever, enabling us to carry out our mission.

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For which the Foundation has taken action, including the North River, having led to a major consultation of the elected officials concerned.

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From the associative, municipal and governmental sectors, including watershed organizations (OBV). Our growing network allows us to go further.

Media mentions
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We have become a natural reference in the public arena for sanitation and hydroelectricity issues.

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