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Pollution source screening

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Discharges of contaminants from agricultural, industrial, municipal and residential sources can have a significant negative impact on the aquatic environment and water use. 

Among these, fecal coliform and phosphorus concentrations are the parameters whose water quality indices often exceed regulatory standards.

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Our screening services

Identify potential sources of contamination

Collect water samples

Possibility of using a device to interpret the results quickly (results in 15 minutes)

Identify the contaminated sections and thus locate the sources of pollution

Quantify contamination fluctuations


Mapping of confirmed and potential sources of contamination

Analysis of municipal sewer flow patterns

In-depth evaluation of the origin of the contamination

Our approach

Personalized counseling

Each project is unique. That's why we offer support at every stage, from identifying priority interventions to implementing solutions. We also provide the necessary training for your organization's leaders. 

Collaborative support

A project often brings together several stakeholders. We are committed to maximizing the impact of the project by presenting key results and providing training and awareness activities.

Your benefits

Identification of the causes of contamination and their location

Reduction of health risks for certain uses (water sports, drinking water, etc.)

Reduced contamination of waterways

Improved stream health and biological integrity of the environment

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