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Grand Splash

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Jump or paddle for better access to waterways!

What is the Big Splash?

The Grand Splash is a series of festive events that take place on the banks of different rivers in Quebec. Citizens are invited to jump into the water in safe places, which do not have the status of public access to water, but which have the potential to become so. The event is free and open to everyone!

Novelty : fans of canoes, kayaks and paddle boards (SUPs) are welcome to “splash” with their paddle, aboard their boat! 

When is the next Big Splash?

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What is the purpose of the Big Splash?

Promote access and quality of water

Jumping into the water is a message intended for elected officials so that they commit to providing public access to swimming or non-motorized water activities on waterways, and that the quality of the water is assured there.

Adapt to climate change

Extreme climatic events, such as heatwaves, will become more and more frequent according to experts. Access to cooling sources in cities is necessary, especially for populations living near heat islands.

Bring nature back to the city

Living in the city shouldn't be a barrier to connecting with nature! The urban territory must be designed so that citizens can fully enjoy the waterways, while respecting the environment. 

Contribute to social justice

Water is a collective resource, but the banks are increasingly privatized. Access to water as a fundamental right is slowly sliding towards a privilege, to which not everyone has equal access. Let's change the situation!

Which Grand Splash will you participate in?

Is the water quality suitable for swimming?

L’équipe de la Fondation Rivières s’engage à déterminer le niveau de risque que pose la qualité de l’eau sur la santé pour chacun des endroits du Grand Splash. Les résultats de ces analyses sont rendus publics dans les 24 à 48 h avant les événements sous la forme d’avis de vulnérabilité.

The water at the Grand Splash sites is generally suitable for activity, depending on weather conditions. You will be informed of the health risk of water quality for each of the Grand Splash sites 24 to 48 hours before the event. 

If the water quality does not allow swimming, you will be invited to get wet up to your ankles, for example, as a demonstration of the importance of elected officials tackling the problems causing the degradation of the water. water quality!

A Fondation Rivières initiative

Recognized and awarded by Eco Canada

Le Grand Splash won the 2022 ECO Community Impact award! Awarded by Eco Canada, this distinction highlights the efforts of groups or individuals who have demonstrated their environmental commitment through sustainable initiatives, projects and practices.

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