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More dams? We can do better!

Tell the Quebec government to stop building new dams to protect Quebec's last great rivers

« Garder la porte ouverte aux barrages, c’est se garder une béquille pour revenir dans nos vieilles habitudes. »


Number of denaturalized Quebec rivers where more than 160 power stations are built

0 X

Saving energy is 3 times cheaper than producing new energy

0 KM²

are flooded by the reservoirs of Hydro-Québec's 62 hydroelectric power stations. This is 40 times the surface area of the island of Montreal.

Et maintenant, on fait quoi ?

Join us in telling the Prime Minister and his relevant counterparts that we can do better than hydroelectric dams to succeed in the energy transition! Ask them to:

It's not too late to express your dissatisfaction to the government!

If you too are of the opinion that we can do better than building hydroelectric dams to achieve the energy transition, send a message to the government of Quebec.

Find our entire open letter published in The duty

We encourage you to take the text of our open letter (copy and paste) and send it to the following ministers from your email box:

  • Prime Minister of Quebec : and
  • Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy :
  • Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks :
  • Minister of Relations with First Nations and Inuit :

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Learn about the challenges of hydropower and which rivers could be destroyed to build a power plant, among others.

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