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Our actions

Our actions

Des actions scientifiques et mobilisatrices

We carry out scientific studies and mobilization activities that revolve around 3 fields of action: water quality, access to water bodies and protection of the natural character of rivers.

We unite environmental stakeholders around these issues, sharing our thoughts and results in the public arena.

Carte des déversements et palmarès des eaux usées

Each year, we publishes a map of wastewater outfalls into Quebec's rivers that have not been treated. The result is a list of nearly 700 municipalities, ranked according to the intensity of their outfalls.

Positions expressed

We are participating in the public debate in order to solicit municipal, provincial and federal elected officials to act in favour of the protection of water bodies in Quebec and to reduce their pollution.

Studies & Reports

We produce studies on the performance of wastewater treatment facilities, pollution source tracking and water quality monitoring. We also participate in the writing of thesis.

Sur quelles rivières la Fondation prend-t-elle action?

Discover the rivers for which the Rivers Foundation is taking positive action. Help the Foundation to preserve these rivers in their natural state by adopting the one that inspire you!

Le Grand Splash

Le Grand Splash est une série d’événements festifs qui se déroulent habituellement au début du mois de juillet sur les berges de différents cours d’eau au Québec. Les citoyennes et citoyens sont invités à sauter à l’eau à des endroits sécuritaires, qui n’ont pas le statut de plages publiques, mais qui ont le potentiel de le devenir.

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