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No to a new gas “Energy East”: sign the petition!

The GNL Québec company is proposing the construction of a 750 km gas pipeline named Gazoduq, of a gas liquefaction plant named Energy Saguenay and a maritime export terminal for super-methane tankers which would sail on the Saguenay. This vast project aims to export fossil gas from Western Canada to international markets, via Abitibi and Témiscamingue, Haute-Mauricie, Lac-Saint-Jean, Saguenay, the Saguenay Fjord and the Saint-Laurent.

This project would exacerbate the climate crisis, because it would open new markets for North American fossil gas, particularly shale gas. On its own, it would generate 7.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) per year, enough to cancel out Quebec's GHG reduction efforts.

This project would have major impacts on the natural environments and biodiversity of Quebec. Let us just think of the vast scar that would be created on the territory, the waterways crossed, the landscape of the disfigured fjord or the threats affecting the beluga and other mammals of the river. And all this for whose benefit?

The population already subsidizes the financing of the fossil fuel industry, such projects may be unprofitable in themselves. Quebec must not be complicit in this new fossil gas project which will last for 50 years, far from an energy transition, contrary to what the promoter argues.

This project also requires 550 MW of discounted electricity from Hydro-Québec for gas liquefaction. Hydro-Québec certainly has more noble uses to make of its hydroelectricity and does not have to be complicit in such a project which would set Quebec back in its GHG reduction objectives.


Environmental groups involved:

Coalition Fjord

Nature Quebec



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