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Under the river, the odyssey: To the rescue of the Saint-Laurent by Nathalie Lasselin

After exploring the Arctic, diving in submerged caves in the four corners of the world and filming white sharks, Nathalie Lasselin experienced an extraordinary adventure, the Aquatic Urban Odyssey, thus revealing the hidden side of the St. Lawrence River.

What does the giant Saint-Laurent hide beneath its surface?

This modern quest confronted Nathalie Lasselin with an indomitable river. In fact, traveling 70 kilometers underwater to reach the two ends of the island of Montreal required as much training, acclimatization and logistics as would the ascent of a high peak. The diver gives us here her breathtaking story of an expedition in a river with a tumultuous current and limited visibility.

Certainly, the St. Lawrence is nothing like the Southern Seas populated with corals and multicolored fish, but its ecological importance commands a respect and an awareness that obliges us to protect it, as the Odyssey shows us.

Get your copy of the book Under the river, the odyssey: To the rescue of the St. Lawrence

The book Under the river, the odyssey: To the rescue of the St. Lawrence by Nathalie Lasselin is for sale by Fondation Rivières. To purchase a copy, contact us.

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