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Disposable Wipes: The Cottonelle Lies

[RN-PS-D-T] Tuyau à proximité du pont Shaw_rivière_du_Nord 2022_Crédit Coralie Massey-Cantin

Toilets are not trash cans! In fact, you should not throw anything down the toilet, except toilet paper. And especially not the all-too-popular wipes that clog sewers, cause equipment breakdowns and cause wastewater to spill into our rivers, as reported The Press.

However, the Cottonelle brand has just launched wipes in Quebec that are supposedly biodegradable and flushable. This is false: wipes cause major problems, as we discovered while carrying out our mandate of detection of pollution sources in the Rivière du Nord for the City of Saint-Jérôme.

So beware of so-called plumbers who claim these wipes are biodegradable and who pass on the bill and the challenge of cleaning wastewater treatment systems to others.

About the Author

André is general manager and spokesperson at Fondation Rivières. A seasoned communicator, he is interested in digital transformation and innovation within organizations.


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