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Take action with la Fondation Rivières

Take action with la Fondation Rivières

Together we have the power to change things

Participate in our initiatives, petitions and mobilization actions as well as those of our collaborators to act in favor of Quebec's rivers. Whether on a collective or individual scale, your gesture can make a difference!

Our campaigns

Mobilization actions for the environment to discover

For what?
By who?
For what?
More dams? We can do better!
Fondation Rivières
With us, tell the government of Quebec to abandon the construction of new dams to protect the last great rivers of Quebec.
The future of energy belongs to us
This year, the government will invite the Quebec population to participate in public consultations on Quebec's energy future. We need to demand a real societal debate to think collectively about how we want to use our hydroelectricity. Sign the petition to ask for a BAPE to address all environmental issues related to the future of energy.
Efficiency for all
Efficiency Canada
Call on Canada's Minister of Natural Resources to help Canadians return to improving the resiliency and energy efficiency of their homes by implementing a strong Green Buildings Strategy.
All together against environmental racism on indigenous territories
Emergency Water
Call on the federal government to clean up the illegal and unregulated landfill containing unfiltered industrial waste and toxic substances that threaten the health of residents, water and the environment, right next to the Mohawk community of Kanehstatà:ke.
NO to the use of lakes as "garbage dumps" for mining waste!
Emergency Water
Let's demand that the Quebec government reverse its decision to allow Australian mining company Champion Iron to dump mining waste in 8 lakes and ban all dumping of mining waste in our lakes!
Let's break the secret on the water
Emergency Water
Let's ask that we prioritize a more transparent management of water in Quebec, and that the data concerning it be made public. The State has the power to lift the trade secret by changing the legal framework!
Let's free the water from the stock exchange
Emergency Water
Let's mobilize to oppose the water exchange, propose the adoption of a federal law banning speculation in Canadian and foreign water futures, and more.
Help us Protect Walker Lake!
SNAP Quebec
The creation of a national park around Walker Lake would protect its spectacular scenery and biodiversity while being a major asset to regional tourism.
Ask Hydro-Québec to protect the Magpie River!
SNAP Quebec
Hydro-Québec prevents the protection of this exceptional natural jewel, and prefers to keep the door open to hydroelectric development.
The copper redhorse threatened by a large port
SNAP Quebec
The copper redhorse, an endangered fish, is threatened by the Port of Montreal's expansion project in Contrecoeur. Sign the petition!
Let's ask for 30% of marine protected areas in the St. Lawrence by 2030!
David Suzuki Foundation
We must take the necessary measures now to protect the St. Lawrence river and its biodiversity.
For what?

How can you improve the condition of rivers on a daily basis?

At Fondation Rivières, we are working to ensure that our governments take action to protect natural resources. However, if you want to initiate change on an individual scale, here are tools to ensure the health of the rivers and streams near you.

Act with an engaged community, join our social networks

Our online communities bring together activists committed to protecting rivers. Join our digital platforms and participate in numerous discussions on the issue of water in Quebec. 

Discover the rivers for which Fondation Rivières acts positively. Contribute to our actions by adopting the one of your choice. 

Make a difference for the environment

Become a member of the Foundation by donating. Your contribution allows our team to continue to mobilize to protect Quebec's rivers and waterways for future generations. 

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