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Blue Fund: an electoral promise to adapt and make a reality

Rivière du Québec, à l'automne - Adoptez une rivière


Montreal, October 4, 2022 – Fondation Rivières and Eau Secours congratulate the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) following its re-election and wish to bring to the attention of its elected officials the need to take concrete actions towards the environment, in particular on issues related to water. The organizations therefore wish to see the actions planned within the framework of the Blue Fund, a promise made by the CAQ at the start of the campaign, providing 650 M$ to protect the lakes and rivers of Quebec over the duration of its mandate, carried out and wish to do so. see associated measurable objectives as well as strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC) to enforce its regulations.

Targets and the means to achieve them 

The CAQ plans seven new initiatives to improve the quality of Quebec's rivers and lakes, but does not provide any concrete targets for each of them. This funding aims, among other things, to help farmers revegetate riparian areas and to help citizens install septic tanks.

“These new expenses add responsibilities to the MELCC, but will the latter have the resources to enforce them? What proportion of these amounts will be allocated to hiring resources, expertise and inspectors to enforce the regulations? », asks André Bélanger, general manager of Fondation Rivières. 

This new spending program is not accompanied by an action plan and clear and quantified indicators. Such weaknesses in water resource conservation had been severely criticized in June 2020 by the Commissioner for Sustainable Development. The program provides funding for research into preventing water shortages, but it is insufficient. 

“We need more transparency on water use as well as increased resources at the MELCC if we want to be able to establish our water needs and avoid water shortages in the future. To achieve equitable sharing of the resource, the quantities of water taken must be made public,” comments Rébecca Pétrin, general director of Eau Secours.

The organizations wish to offer their collaboration to the CAQ to tackle issues related to water, including agricultural pollution, the upgrading of wastewater treatment plants, the continuation of Bill 42 relating to the fee, the lack of transparency on sampling data and all files linked to adaptation to climate change and the protection of biodiversity.

About Fondation Rivières 

For 20 years, Fondation Rivières has worked to preserve, restore and enhance the natural character of rivers and contributes to ensuring water quality and access to water for the Quebec population.

About Eau Secours

Eau Secours, a non-profit organization founded in 1997, has the mission of promoting the protection and responsible management of water from a perspective of environmental health, equity, accessibility and collective defense of human rights. population.



Proposals in terms of water management and governance, as part of the Vire au Vert operation: 

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Sophie Lachance
Communications and Mobilization Leader
Fondation Rivières
514-272-2666, ext. 307

Mathieu Langlois
Communications and Mobilization Manager
Emergency Water
514 588-5608 

Photo: Jaël Vallée/Unsplash


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