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Together, let's continue to protect water

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Did you know that it is possible to have quality waterways in Quebec, water that you could drink and swim in without fear? That solutions exist to reduce pollution, as long as everyone takes their responsibilities? That water quality is an important element contributing not only to our health, but also to that of all biodiversity?

All year long, the Fondation Rivières team worked to identify sources of pollution, inform the population and influence decision-makers in favor of better water protection. Water must be at the heart of our concerns, it is essential to life.

Here is what we have accomplished thanks to your support:

  • We have produced or initiated studies identifying priorities for action to reduce wastewater pollution on the Bécancour, L'Assomption, Richelieu, Missisquoi Bay and the St. Lawrence River;
  • We have transmitted concrete recommendations to the government to reduce wastewater overflows of all types;
  • We have supported citizen initiatives in their actions to preserve environments;
  • We have made public various files to maintain political pressure to resolve problems;
  • We have collaborated with different environmental groups on several water protection issues, particularly in regulatory issues related to hydrocarbons and preservation records.

It is only with your support that we can continue this hard work in 2019, to encourage municipal and government decision-makers to implement the best possible practices for our waterways.

Support our actions by becoming a member or by doing a donation, either directly to the Fondation Rivières, or via theadoption of a river. An adoption will allow you to obtain a tax-deductible tax receipt. A deduction of 35% is granted on the first 200$, then a deduction of additional 53% is granted on the excess of this amount. This means that it can actually cost you less than half the donation to support our mission!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Foundation team, thank you for your support,


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In addition to supporting our team in protecting rivers, your donation entitles you to a charitable tax receipt.

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Become a member of the Foundation by donating. Your contribution allows our team to continue to mobilize to protect Quebec's rivers and waterways for future generations. 

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