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Montreal wastewater: the experts' report does not meet the expectations of the Fondation Rivières

Usine d'épuration de Montréal


Montreal, November 9, 2015 – The report of the experts commissioned by Environment Canada concerning the wastewater spill planned by the City of Montreal indicates that the consequences would be significant enough to recommend the use of a tanker and the installation of mobile wastewater units. treatment, in addition to collecting waste along the path of the plume during the spill.

The idea of using tankers is welcomed positively by the Fondation Rivières, especially since the Desgagnés Group, which has a fleet of eight vessels for the transport of liquid bulk, has confirmed that this option is plausible under certain conditions. of feasibility. Ships are available at a reasonable price. This information was not documented in the report, in particular because of the short deadline imposed.

It should be noted that the experts had a limited mandate, in particular to compare the impacts between a planned spill and an unplanned spill.

The questioning lies elsewhere, insists Fondation Rivières:

  • What precisely is the work that requires emptying the South-East interceptor?
  • What work can be done without emptying the interceptor?
  • What damage, exactly, can occur at the treatment plant or elsewhere on the interception network?
  • What equipment is vulnerable?
  • How many work teams are planned by the Contractor and the City?
  • What is the work sequence and its timeline?
  • What technical means have been prescribed to speed up the work?
  • What other methods are used around the world in similar situations?

The experts, due to lack of information, inevitably had to conclude that “ seems » urgent to carry out work in the South-East interceptor, but do not describe them, relying on the City.

In short, the report should have been able to assure the population that the emergency and the quantity of wastewater discharged were fully justified. Nothing has been qualified or quantified other than with generalities.

Catherine Huard, Director General, says she is disappointed by the report's lack of conclusion: "The report is essentially a comparison of theoretical risks, whereas it would have been essential to obtain the opinion of experts who have already had to resolve such problems, including specialist contractors. It also reiterates that governments must force the payment of compensation for untreated wastewater overflows. An incentive measure would reduce spill times and volumes. “Municipalities must pay for their pollution, and not just send it to their neighbors downstream! », she concludes.


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