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Montreal sewage spill: working method must be revised to reduce pollution


Montreal, October 7, 2015 – The Fondation Rivières managed, with the collaboration of Projet Montréal, to read the call for tenders document published for the construction of the Riverside snow chute and the removal of the existing bend in the southern interceptor. The document, published on the Electronic Tendering Service (SEAO) website on May 10, 2015, provides information allowing us to question several aspects of the project and to correct several pieces of information circulating. This document should be analyzed by Environment Canada which now, belatedly, wants to review the file.

Regarding the period of least environmental impact, this is not from October 15 to November 15 as indicated by Minister Heurtel. We can read in his ministry's analysis report that it extends from 1er December to the end of February. However, for other considerations, such as the availability of a maximum number of snowfalls and to minimize construction costs, it was established by the City from October 15 to December 18.

The Foundation considers that for such specialized work, contractors, who have the practical expertise for such complex work, resources and experience often on an international level, should have been allowed to propose working methods which minimize wastewater discharge. Which would not have stopped the City from proposing its own. The important thing is to obtain a result that minimizes pollution and is safe.

The Fondation Rivières, which examines the performance of several sanitation systems on certain rivers, emphasizes that wastewater overflows into waterways constitute an underestimated and little-known problem in Quebec. The examples of situations that occur in Ontario or during natural disasters do not excuse laxity regarding this problem, even if it proves unavoidable in certain places.


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