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Wetlands: Asks the Coalition Avenir Québec to maintain the new conservation rules


Montreal, September 25, 2018 – Fondation Rivières learned with dismay, in an article in La Presse on September 24, 2018, that François Legault, head of the CAQ, is proposing to relax the rules for protecting wetlands which, according to him, “lack common sense” and represent a " issue " for the development of cities.

The Fondation Rivières denounces this vision of the past which consists of destroying wetlands and water bodies in order to make way for economic development. Especially since the new provincial regulation recently promulgated essentially aims to establish a fair price for the significant value of these environments. Developers will thus be able to take into account the fair value of the coveted land in comparison with others available in the region, and/or minimize the area affected.

The Foundation reminds Mr. Legault that wetlands and bodies of water are real surface water purification plants. They are water reservoirs in times of drought and recharge groundwater. In these times of increasingly obvious climate change, this is an undeniable advantage. In addition, these environments contribute greatly to the regulation of hydrological regimes, especially during periods of flooding. Finally, let us add that these environments serve as a refuge and nursery for a host of organisms essential to life: insects, animals and plants.

A large number of environmental and economic specialists now see wetlands and bodies of water as municipal green infrastructure. These infrastructures have the advantage of being already in place, they cost us nothing to build and cost nothing in management fees. Thus, the ecological services provided by wetlands and water bodies make it possible to achieve significant savings for citizens.

Conserve and protect wetlands: This is responsible behavior, a thoughtful vision of the future and a sustainable economy.

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