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Hydroelectric power station in Val-Jalbert: Ilnus, citizens and Paul Piché demand that the work be stopped

Paul Piché contre le projet de minicentrale de Val-Jalbert

Citizens from the Ilnue community of Mashteuiatsh, the Committee for the Safeguarding of the Ouiatchouan in Val-Jalbert (CSOV) and Paul Piché demonstrated that social acceptability is not there in the project to build a hydroelectric power station on the historic and heritage site of Val-Jalbert, on Lake Saint-Jean.

Petitions to stop the project

Two petitions calling for the project to be stopped have been signed. One is sponsored by solidarity MP Amir Khadir and brings together 5,448 signatures while that of members of the Ilnue community brings together a considerable number.

On the other hand, the result of the keeping, last weekend, of a register in the Ilnue community of Mashteuiatsh dismissing the band council in place, one year before the end of its mandate, must now lead the government to Pauline Marois to put an end to this project.

Fondation Rivières persists and demands the cancellation of the project

Remember that on February 15, Fondation Rivières held a press briefing in Montreal to ask the Quebec government to put an end to the hydroelectric power station project on the Ouiatchouan River. In support of the citizens of the Coalition for the Safeguarding of Ouiatchouan in Val-Jalbert (CSOV), this press briefing was held with representatives of the Coalition Avenir Québec and Québec Solidaire.

According to Fondation Rivières, many elements of the file argue in favor of the abolition of the Val-Jalbert project and the government should have taken a further step to include it with the six other projects in its decision to abolish the program small power plants of less than 50 MW last week. There is still time to put an end to it.

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Photo: Paul Piché, The Canadian Press/Jacques Boissinot


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