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Be careful not to oversalt the rivers!


Every winter, 800,000 tonnes of de-icing salts are applied to Quebec roads, we learn from Ministry of Transport (2019). These substances accumulate and end up in watercourses through runoff, which represents a significant risk for aquatic fauna and flora, as indicated in the report.Environment Canada 2001.

Alternatives to de-icing salt

Alternatives include biodegradable ice melters such as wood chips or beet juice which are often combined with traditional abrasives such as sand or crushed stone. Also, changes in habits. For example, more frequent use of the “scraper” and a reduction in speed can contribute to reducing the application of used salts. 

It currently exists in Quebec 24 roads de-iced almost exclusively without salt. So yes, it is possible to de-ice roads without salt and minimize negative impacts on the environment and waterways.

Do not hesitate to inform your elected officials and employees of your municipality, in order to offer them these types of ecological alternatives, which are increasingly popular and often much more affordable.

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