Help protect the rivers and the environment

Rivers suffer from the impact of human activities everyday. Reduced politically to the status of simple naturals receptors, rivers are not subjected to the consequences of our economic and personal interests. And if they were allowed to speak, what would they say? 

Why make a donation to the Rivers Foundation?

By making a donation to Fondation Rivières, you contribute to the protection of the environment by giving a voice to the rivers and streams of Quebec. In doing so, you are supporting a competent team entirely devoted to their preservation and public accessibility.

The donations collected help finance the Foundation’s activities, including the annual unveiling of the sad ranking of municipal wastewater discharges. Donations also make it possible for us to make representations to government bodies, including the call for a major clean water initiative. To learn more about our activities, read our latest annual activity report.

Every effort is made to ensure that your donations are invested so that everyone can enjoy healthy, natural and vibrant rivers.

Thank you !  

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You can make a one-time donation or a monthly donation to protect Quebec’s waterways and by extension, the environment.

The Rivers Foundation is not a charitable organization. Consequently, it cannot issue a tax receipt. However, it is possible to obtain one by contributing through the joint Adopt a River program in collaboration with Nature Québec.